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Fenritec Drive: An Ethical and Secure Alternative to Online Storage Giants

Looking for an ethical French alternative to Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive that doesn't track you. Fenritec offers its online storage solution.

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Nicolas Schwartz
Nicolas Schwartz CEO of Fenritec

Fenritec Drive an ethical and secure online storage alternative to Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive

Nowadays, online storage has become essential for collaborative work, file backup and document sharing.

However, concerns about the security of stored data and the protection of user privacy are increasingly present.

Online storage giants, such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, are often criticized for their lack of transparency on the use of our personal data.

This is where Fenritec Drive comes in by offering an ethical, non-tracking alternative hosted in France and the European Union.

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Fenritec Drive an online storage solution focused on security and privacy

Unlike online storage giants, Fenritec Drive is an online storage solution focused entirely on user security and privacy.

The stored data is encrypted ensuring that even our hosts cannot access it.

In addition, Fenritec Drive is hosted in France and in the European Union by Scaleway, OVH and Ikoula, which guarantees increased protection of users’ personal data.

An ethical no-track alternative

Tracking data may also include information about browsing habits, locations and types of stored files. This data may be used for advertising profiling, the creation of user profiles, the targeting of advertisements and other activities that infringe the privacy of users.

This is particularly the case in Google Drive and OneDrive solutions

This is why online storage without tracking is important. It provides users with a secure and confidential storage environment for their data without the risk of privacy breaches. Users have peace of mind knowing that *their data** is securely stored and **not being used for malicious or inappropriate purposes**.

By opting for Fenritec Drive, users can also contribute to a culture of online privacy. Online storage providers should be transparent about their privacy and security policies to gain user trust.

Fenritec puts the privacy of its users at the center of its concerns: Your data remains your property.

A 100% made in France online storage alternative, hosted in France and in the European Union

Our software is developed 100% in Meurthe-et-Moselle. We aspire to provide you with the smoothest and fastest experience while maintaining our industry advantage.

So that you can quickly access your data when traveling, Fenritec Drive is hosted in France and in the European Union, which guarantees increased protection of users’ personal data.

At Fenritec, there is no American Cloud Act or Patriot Act.