Why using fenritec drive is better than ftp or sftp

Why choose Fenritec Drive rather than FTP or SFTP to share your files?

In this article, we'll explore why choosing a file sharing service like Fenritec Drive is a better option than using traditional protocols like FTP or SFTP.

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Nicolas Schwartz
Nicolas Schwartz CEO of Fenritec

In this article, we’ll explore why choosing a file sharing service like Fenritec Drive is a better option than using traditional protocols like FTP or *SFTP *.

Enhanced security compared to FTP or SFTP

Fenritec Drive offers a higher level of security compared to FTP and SFTP protocols. Companies often use FTP and SFTP to transfer data to their customers.

In the case of FTP, the data passes in the clear on the Internet and can be intercepted.

And in the case of SFTP, although SFTP encrypts the data transferred, it does not use the certificate verification found in HTTPS on your Internet browser. As a result, your customers often accept an unknown certificate which could be very easily usurped.

Unlike SFTP, Fenritec Drive uses the verification chain of your Internet browsers and guarantees that your clients connect to your server. In addition Fenritec guarantees that your data is encrypted when stored on our servers.

Ease of use compared to FTP or SFTP

With Fenritec Drive, sharing files is child’s play. Unlike the FTP and SFTP protocols, which generally require specific software and technical skills to be used, Fenritec Drive offers a simple and intuitive user interface, accessible via a web browser. All your customers including non-technical people can use Fenritec Drive, which is much more complicated with FTP or SFTP

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Managing users and permissions over FTP or SFTP

Fenritec Drive allows you to easily manage users and their permissions, ensuring that only authorized people have access to shared files. With the FTP and SFTP protocols, managing users and permissions can be complex and require advanced technical skills.

Turnkey file backup and recovery unlike FTP or SFTP

With Fenritec Drive, you benefit from a backup of your data up to 1 month back, allowing easy recovery in case of loss or accidental deletion of files. The FTP and SFTP protocols generally do not provide a built-in backup mechanism, which can lead to irreversible data loss if something goes wrong.

Conclusion: Choose Fenritec Drive instead of FTP or SFTP

In short, Fenritec Drive offers many advantages over the FTP and SFTP protocols. With its enhanced security, ease of use, user and permission management, support for various file types, and backup and recovery features, Fenritec Drive is an ideal file sharing solution for modern businesses.